Organise a meeting about gas with local MP

Lock the Gate Alliance runs a campaign to get local climate groups active on stopping public funding for gas by reaching out to your local MP.

Amanda from the Alliance wrote in a newsletter on 6 October 2022:

“The Federal Labor Government last month approved new areas for offshore gas exploration in Australian oceans*, setting off alarm bells and concerns that this government would walk the same line as the Morrison government on gas and fossil fuels.

But what is different from the previous government is that the Labor government has not yet outlined their position on public funding for gas.There’s still a chance to get them to pull the plug on bankrolling the gas industry’s expansions across vast areas of Australia, but with the upcoming October budget, we have to act fast.

We have a brief window to get on the front foot with public gas funding – will you and your group step up to organise a meeting with your Local MP and ask them to cut the wasteful gas spending announced but never granted by the Morrison Government?

Meet your MP Guide

We have put together a fantastic resource to guide in the setup and planning of the meeting on our website, including:A summary guide with all you need to know about how to meet your MP A short briefing about the issues to assist you in the meetingA background document with additional information and references FYIA link to the feedback form letting us know how your meeting went 

Head here now to access our guide for meeting your MP to stop the gas rorts announced by Morrison from ever being delivered.

You can also watch a recording of our recent webinar on the “how to” of meeting your MP here.

With an upcoming budget on 25th October, we have a real chance to put an end to the gas rorts, but to achieve this your local politician needs to hear from your group. 

Please do get in touch if you have any concerns or questions with the contact details above, we are more than happy to assist your group with this important action against fracking and gas.Yours sincerely,

Amanda for the Lock the Gate Alliance.

Federal government opens 46,000 sq km for offshore oil and gas