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We are a growing organization with members who are passionate about the need for climate action. Since Dec 2019, with members support, we have mailed out 227 letters per month to all federal parliamentarians asking for urgent action on climate change. We have now mailed 3160 letters as our effort amongst an ever growing number of climate groups all asking for the same action. Stop the climate train coming our way.

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Our Visit to Canbera


The meeting with Zali Steggall and her Canberra team of 5 was very successful and she was very interested in our ADAC planned mailed letter activities for 2021. I was surprised how big the parliament house building is and in contrast I was also surprised how small Zali’s office was. I was greeted by Zali’s Chief of Staff. They are a great team and a well oiled machine. We need many such independent people in Canberra as Zali Steggall.

They need all our support especially on climate action

The security was very tight. I went through 6 security points during the 5 hours I was in the Parliament House.

I went on the 1 1/2 hour Question Time Tour which included sitting in on both the Senate and the House of Reps for 20 minutes each. Very interesting and also a very strange feeling looking down and seeing all the 227 parliamentarians we at ADAC have mailed all our letters to every month since Dec 2019.

What caught Zali’s eye was the fact that ADAC has now mailed 3160 letters to all these politicians in Canberra.
YES, letter writing to Canberra does work. Zali is very supportive of all our efforts and letters.
Let’s send more letters and more support in 2021 asking all the 227 parliamentarians for real climate change action and to make a plan to reduce emissions in line with the aims of the Glasgow summit in Nov 2021.

Good luck and take care.

From all at the ADAC team

Climate Action 2021

ADAC is still very supportive of Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill 2020

This bill was to be introduced to the parliament on 23rd March 2020. Because of the Covid19 virus the bill was postponed to a future date. During the Covid19 virus lock down, the ADAC site has been slowed.

However, we have continued over the lockdown to mail the ADAC monthly letter to all 227 federal parliamentarians asking for action to reduce greenhouse gases. We MUST believe the experts regarding the great danger we NOW face and support very urgent parliamentary action.


ADAC and the website will continue to be developed and we thank all members for their most important and valuable support of $1 a week.

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We favour and demand immediate action to address climate change.

At this stage ADAC is not a charity, DONATIONS ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE

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