We support mailing letitions to parliamentarians
in support of real climate action

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A letition is one letter with one message, sent by many – can be signed and mailed with a stamp in a few minutes.

In this age of electronic communication, your letter in an envelope with stamp will get noticed by your local member – and we will make sure it gets counted.

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Campaign update
• 36 climate groups representing 1.3 million people endorsed Zali Steggall’s
Climate Change Bill calling for legislated targets and independent oversight
• Over 1,000 letters letters arrived in Canberra asking for real climate action
• Unfortunately the pandemic restricted the planned campaign
• On 26 October 2021, Scott Morrison presented the Coalition’s net zero action ‘plan’
to the media. His so-called “Australian Way” fails to legislate any targets
• On 27 October, the Government blocked debate of the Climate Change Bill
• The people will have their opportunity to be heard soon!

Zali Steggall MP announces she will be reintroducing the Climate Change Bills with an important ambitious interim target ahead of COP26: the Bills now include a target of 60% emissions reduction by 2030. → Read more

What can we do?

Almost everyone agrees we have a major problem with the climate crisis – but people say, “What can we do? The federal government won’t listen or act!”

Here is an opportunity for everyone of us to send a letter to Parliament which will be noticed and put pressure on them to pass an Act, forcing them to take action. From now to September, an expected 30,000 letters will be collected in a post office locked bag in Canberra and delivered to independent parliamentarian Zali Steggall at a media photoshoot event in October.

In the media, images showing the delivery of thousands of letters will tell an impressive story of the level of support Zali Steggall has from the Australian people for her proposed Climate Change Bill. It will help consolidate Steggall’s mandate to push even harder for parliamentarians across the floor to vote for it.


This short video explains what the Mass Mailout for Climate campaign is all about. See more videos


You can download this image and use it as background in Zoom, Teams
or Skype for your next video conferences and online meetings.


Mail your letter to Canberra by 30 September 2021.

Step 1

Write a letter to parliament expressing your own concerns, thoughts and feelings on the need for the government to urgently tackle climate change. Sample letters.

Step 2

Indicate on your letter which parliamentarian you would like your letter delivered to. Letters will be sorted to endeavour they reach the specified parliamentarian. Find your Federal Members and electorate details here: Senators - Members

Step 3

It is important you write your email address and post code on the back of envelopes to restrict the letters to one letter per person. Mail your letter by 30 September to ensure it will arrive in Canberra by Monday 8 October 2021.

Time left to mail your letter



The Mass Mailout For Climate campaign is sponsored by ADAC – a growing organisation with members who are passionate about the need for climate action. 

You can support the Mass Mailout for Climate campaign with a regular payment of $1 per week equal to $4.00 per month. The contribution may sound small, but the impact is big and you will become of member of ADAC. You can end the payment arrangement at any time.


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