Planning for Ongoing Action

ADAC recognises that there are many Australians, including retirees, who are passionate about the future for the children of today and for generations to come. Many of these people have time available for research and networking and are free of the media constraints that may previously have limited their ability to speak out.

ADAC also recognises that any effective group will need to be dynamic, adjusting its activity to emerging trends and issues. We will use social media to promote a community voice that politicians will be made aware of.

Accordingly, ADAC will when able apply for charity status at this stage ADAC is NOT A CHARITY.

ADAC will

  1. seek membership from interested individuals to buy in and engage with the issues of the community, that relate to the threat of climate change.
  2. ask each member to donate ONLY $1 per week. Donations to go  into MEMBERS $1 ONLY BANK ACCOUNT.
    (This donation of ONLY $1 will provide a legal means of documenting the membership at any given time. It will initially be held in secured deposits and later used as low-interest loans to climate friendly projects. Every dollar will be accounted for and audited by the ADAC appointed accounting firm with a minimal amount allocated for running and administration costs. Members will be encouraged to vote according to recommendations gained by communicating with candidates and analysing their policy platforms).
  3. scan research about the economic, environmental and cultural issues involved in transitioning to a sustainable future and draw the attention of parliamentarians to the potential of a new economy, with healthy lives and new jobs, that are not dependent on using and losing finite resources,
  4. encourage collaboration across party lines,
  5. encourage the breakdown of separate social media ‘bubbles’ by sharing and publicising the collaborative actions politicians make,
  6. have, when possible, yearly family friendly functions (such as picnics) to celebrate ongoing climate action successes
  7. gain influence at the ballot box by analysing the policies of candidates and making recommendations about how to vote in each state and electorate,
  8. accept larger contributions from business that will fund various projects as well as the operational costs of ADAC. These contributions will go to the CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNT. Corporate bodies are NOT counted as ADAC members.
  9. honour its commitment that every dollar raised by weekly contributions will be set aside, in secured deposits. Members $1 will be used as evidence that we are a committed community that puts climate change risk as a major concern. The secured deposit money will be allocated from time to time by the ADAC committee. As voters, we will not support candidates who deny the need for action on climate change or whose party has not done enough to address the inherent and ongoing risks.

We believe Australian voters, represented by many active groups, have the power to ensure that addressing climate change coherently and scientifically will be the only way for any party or coalition to achieve government in the coming decades.