Action to Address Climate Change

ADAC believes that many people are deeply concerned for the welfare and lifestyle of our children and future generations.

They favour immediate action to address climate change.

But they are frustrated that party politics inhibits the chances of real progress. They see the need for a long-term approach spanning decades, an approach that will otherwise be crippled by changes of government. 

They feel disempowered and believe decisions about climate action should be non-partisan in nature.

ADAC is a community of people passionate about reducing our carbon count and moving to sustainable technologies.  They believe the more our parliament delays, the worse the outcome will be and costs will increase.

It calls for a well-funded independent authority to collate research, advise parliament and recommend strategies to address climate change.  

ADAC wants politicians who are prepared to engage in a non-partisan approach to the challenges of climate change.

With your early support, we hope to grow our membership and demonstrate by the numbers, that the Australian public is passionate about achieving a non-partisan approach to address climate change. 

Join us and exercise a vote of confidence in our aims by making your donation of ONLY $1 per week.   See our website for more detail of our formation, funds management and ethos. ADAC is not a charity.

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