28 June 2020 Letter

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28th June 2020

Dear Local Member,

The myth about the frog in hot water is an appropriate metaphor for our time. The story goes that a frog placed in hot water will immediately jump out whereas if it is placed in tepid water that is gradually warmed, it fails to recognise the change until it is fatally too late.  

A sudden shock, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, has seen our state and federal governments jump into action. Climate change also poses an unprecedented global threat. However, because the degree of climate change is relatively insignificant within one electoral term, governments have so far been able to avoid taking decisive action on the burning of fossil fuels. 

Things may be changing. Alerts are no longer limited to the warnings of scientists. At least sixty central banks, including the Reserve Bank of Australia, have warned that global GDP could fall by as much as 25% in eighty years if the world does not act to reduce emissions. A change to a world based on renewables is inevitable because fossil fuels are unsustainable, and a destructive energy source. The faster the transition occurs, the smaller will be the costs economically, environmentally and in terms of international tensions.

It is imperative we have a climate action plan to enable people to tackle the future positively with an outlook of reducing emissions in an orderly manner. This means increasing jobs in sustainable and future industries while we are phasing out old industries before 2030, to be completed by 2050.

This is why ADAC is supporting moves like Zali Stegall’s Climate Change Bill 2020.


Mike Middleton mwmidd@gmail.com

From all at ADAC Robert Patterson 0414328230 robpat@senet.com.au