28 Feburary 2020


Dear Senator James


ADAC is a community of citizens unaligned to any political party. We understand that Zali Steggall is introducing a private members Bill to parliament for a “national climate change framework” that sets out a roadmap for Australia’s transition to a sustainable economy. As a group, we see it as paramount that the planning and implementation of policies, for a sustainable economy and a healthy environment, be beyond party politics.

For this reason, we strongly support the proposed Bill. We urge honourable members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to support a Bill that will set up a permanent and independent expert body to transcend changes in government over the next decades; only so we can be assured of a consistent, wise and seamless management of our resources and economy. A non-partisan approach seems to be the only way forward.

Do you agree with a bipartisan approach to a sustainable economy and future climate management?

Yes or No

Do you believe a conscience vote is appropriate in handling the bill proposed by Zali Steggall?

Yes or No

If there were a conscience vote, would you support the Bill?

Yes or No


Yours Faithfully


ADAC – A Different Approach Community