19 October 2020

ADAC – Climate Action in Australia
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19th Oct 2020

Senator the Hon E. Abetz
GPO Box 1675
Hobart Tas 7001

Dear Senator the Hon E. Abetz

This is the 11th monthly letter mailed to 226 parliamentarians, in Canberra seeking your support to put climate change action above party politics. During this time, Australia is no closer to a real zero emissions target. The cost of inaction on climate grows daily, becoming far greater than the cost of action on climate change.

We are encouraged by a number of plans for Australia’s future energy requirements. We note that both the government’s policy and the opposition’s draft platform acknowledge the importance of reducing carbon emissions and embracing new clean technologies. We are also excited by the developments in Tasmania and in Western Australia towards the production of green hydrogen as a fuel. We firmly believe our nation can be a world leader in the area of renewable energy, in the jobs it creates and in a renewed focus on local manufacturing.

Political Bipartisanship. The good signs in Australia have been the bipartisan way state and federal governments have co-operated on the Covid-19 crisis, and the obvious willingness, among electors, to applaud good leadership whether or not it reflects their normal party allegiances.

Zali Stegall’s private members bill is to be tabled in the House of Representatives on the 9th November 2020 and promises the kind of action that the country needs. It avoids a win or lose scenario between parties because it will serve well whichever party, or combination of parties, make up the government of the day. This bill will allow for thorough debate, consideration and discussion on all the possibilities of reducing emissions towards 2030 and beyond.

To ignore the opportunities this bill provides would be absurd.

Australia needs its politicians to STEP UP and make a CONSCIENCE VOTE.

Will you support the tabling of Zali Steggall’s Bill?


Robert Patterson & Mike Middleton

From all at ADAC Robert Patterson 0414328230