19 December 2019

Senator the Hon P. Wong
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate
PO Box 6237, Halifax Street
Adelaide SA 5000


Dear Senator the Hon P. Wong

The government is lacking the political will to act on climate change.
Community stress and frustration are increasing as a result of inaction.

We are writing to express our concern about the imminent threat of climate change, to our world, to Australia, our present population and generations to come.

Our government is lacking the political will to stop destructive fossil fuel practices. The immediate action required involves working with the vast possibilities of renewable energy towards solutions that do not threaten human health or the environment.

We are deeply concerned voters. We ask you to clearly state your policy and current action to address this climate change problem.

If not addressed, the emotional stress and  frustration of the voters will increase. At present the government has no climate plan or vision and no direction at a community level. The extreme community stress and concern will result in the government ending up on the wrong side of history.

Yours Faithfully

Robert Patterson                      Chris McKenzie                         Kylie Smith
Al Knox                                        Peter Sharp                              Tim Godbert   
Kate Patterson                           Jacki Staude
Adele Duffy                                Steve Duffy

The Anakie/Stieglitz Group
PO Box 1906
Geelong, 3220 Vic.