15 March 2020

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Date 15th March 2020

Senator the Hon S Henderson.
RE:  Following the ADAC February letter to you regarding climate change.

We are heartened by the growing number of federal parliamentarians who are acknowledging the extreme importance of addressing climate change and cutting greenhouse emissions. We as the ADAC group note your interest in this issue especially in the last few months with the summer fires.

Our ADAC group supports Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill, to be tabled on the 23rd March 2020.

Our group, and a very large section of the Australian community, want this bill to be tabled so that productive bipartisan discussions can take place and a Climate Change Commission established.  The commission will be able to draw on the knowledge of scientists, economists, and other experts in a way that is free of  vested interests. In this way, parliament can receive advice that spans electoral cycles and provides a road map to a sustainable future, a future that encourages investment and job creation in climate-friendly industries and lifestyles.

Using such a road map, ADAC believes Australians can feel empowered and prosper over the next 40 years working in a controlled manner, reducing greenhouse gases and opening up a new era of technological and industrial development. This approach will help meet our international obligations, will modernise our economy and help the nation adapt to the inevitable impacts of climate change. It may also reduce the debilitating effect that party politics might play on climate action. With a failure to address climate issues politicians are currently losing respect and credibility in the eyes of the public. This may be restored with the approach initiated by Zali Steggall’s Bill.

We appreciate your growing interest in climate change. There has never been an issue with such serious ramifications for future generations and we hope the government allows members a conscience vote on this issue. ADAC is very keen to support any politician who is prepared to take a positive approach to pass the bill and start working towards a road map.

If that means crossing the floor to do so, we as Australians understand this requires considerable personal fortitude. We will thank you for starting the conversation with this bill.

The ADAC group strongly believe this bill must be tabled on the 23rd of March 2020 to allow for debate and the opportunity to reduce the ever-growing levels of stress, building up in people and in the larger community.

To reduce community stress and work towards a solution please give this issue your fullest support.

Yours faithfully

Robert Patterson