Team News

This site’s development was rushed as we needed to support Zali Steggal’s Climate Action Bill, on the 23rd March 2020.

Membership is more than ready so please join ADAC and support us with your $1 only membership donation per week. With your support more letters can be sent in March and April, to the 227 parliamentarians. When you join ADAC you will be able to see the Dec, Jan and Feb letters (227 per month) ADAC has mailed out to our parliamentarians in Canberra. As an ADAC member you will very soon be able to see the replies from the Parliamentarians.

We have launched the site with a couple of small technical issues which we are working on.

17th March.  Zali Steggal’s Bill has now been delayed by Zali because of the Coronavirus. We intend to keep pushing on with action on climate change.