Statement from the committee of ADAC

We at ADAC – A Different Approach Community started mid 2019 before all the COVID-19 problems. In Dec 2019 ADAC started mailing out 226 letters to all federal parliamentarians every month asking for the climate issues to be addressed. The September letter is now being drafted. As a very concerned group we are calling for real action by the federal parliament on real climate change. We want parliamentarians from all parties to collaborate as they have done on COVID-19 and listen to the science and the experts on the climate.

It needs to be a bipartisan approach, a roadmap to reduce emissions while creating many jobs in the future economy.

At this stage in Canberra it appears the Zali Steggall bill is the only thing going. What is the harm in having this bill tabled. If nothing else it will improve the communication and our wellbeing at this time of the COVID-19 virus. The bipartisan approach is the way forward, to take the heat out of the climate change problem, action is now urgently needed.

The Climate Change Bill 2020

List of committee members:

Robert Patterson

Prior to last year I had never sent a letter to a politician. I moved to Adelaide in the 1980’s, from the rural industry. In the early 1980’s I started to hear about and discuss the start of the concerns for the climate change problem. For 40 years we have had the science and many experts warning us of the future problems resulting from inaction on climate change. In the 1990’s I was told that South East Australia would become hotter and drier with more droughts and bushfires. Since 2000 I have been in the building industry in Victoria. Now in 2019 I find myself heavily involved with ADAC – A Different Approach Community. We are now engaging with federal parliamentarians and pleading that they start taking the heat out of climate change.

Anakie, Victoria

Helen Middleton

I have been a teacher and a school counsellor and have authored books for young people. I am currently providing psychological services through telehealth. My involvement with ADAC was born out of sheer frustration that many of our parliamentary representatives seem unable to comprehend the effects of their climate change denial and their refusal to embrace clean energy. The inability of the parties to work collaboratively is, day by day, progressively spoiling the futures of our grandchildren and our young people.

Southend, Tasmania

Mike Middleton

I started work as a geophysicist and then spent 50 years as an educator. I have 9 grandchildren and I am gutted at the state of the world our generation is leaving to them. Most of all I am ashamed that our political leaders are more interested in playing party politics than working together to develop a speedy and effective plan to combat the impacts of climate change on our ecology, our marine life, the air we breathe and the future of civilisation.

Southend, Tasmania

Kate Patterson

Kylie Smith

I run a small business in inner Melbourne and I’m devastated about the state of the world and the way future generations will look back at what could have been done but wasn’t. Currently Australia is an outlier on the world stage, with coal being our largest contributor to climate change. After signing endless petitions and attending protest marches with my kids, I feel that we need to find something new to make politicians take action on climate change. That is what Australians want!

Yarraville, Victoria

Tim Godbert