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ADAC is currently working to support Zali Steggall’s Bill which we hope will be presented later in the year. Please support us by inspecting her Bill and providing your vote of support at:

Monthly letters mailed to 226 Federal Politicians. (See Tab called ‘Letters to Canberra’ for contents of these letters)

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23 March 2020.

We planned to travel to Canberra to support Zali Steggalls’ Bill. Due to Covid19, Zali’s Bill was delayed until November and while we suspect further delays we are continuing with our work to promote her Bill

16 March 2020.

Received an email from Zali Steggall:

“Given the situation, I have decided to defer presentation of the Climate Change Bill from Monday 23rd March to a later date.”

To see Zali’s full email.

It appears that other groups and groups in Canberra have now cancelled.

If and when the bill is tabled in the future, it will need full support at each stage, so the Canberra trip will be on again.

10 March 2020

We are planning and finalizing the trip to Canberra to support  the Zali Steggall’s Bill. It is still hoped this bill will  be tabled in parliament on the 23rd of March 2020.

Julie Giannesini from Zali’s office is organizing a speaker (maybe Zali) for us. This is planned for the evening of Sunday 22nd of March.

We were also to be advised the best way to gain seats by 9am in the visitor’s gallery. At this stage we have a small but growing number of people going to Canberra.

We have now been advised that with Coronavirus things are changing by the day. We can now only advise by the day.

3 March 2020

Attendance at Geelong Sustainability’s ‘Clever Living Seminar’ hosted by Gene Blackley founder of Drawdown Australia. The presentation was based on Project Drawdown at

14-15 February 2020

Attendance at Melbourne National Climate Emergency Summit. ”The Safe Climate Declaration” was initiated at the summit. To registar your support go to